I Couldn’t Figure Out the Answer to Post-Travel Tiredness, So I Slept on It.

I’m currently fighting the urge to lay in bed all day and binge watch the second season of Outlander.

Jo in Briancon, France

Tripping All Over the World

Dumb shit I’ve done traveling. A full list of my favorite travel stories.

mountain hikers

The Birthright Trip Israeli an Experience

A short summary of my Birthright trip. Interesting people, beautiful sights, cultural experiences, and very little sleep. What more could you ask for?

My Flying Carpet — Flying by Carpet Is a Rugged Experience

Yes, I did just make that absolutely terrible pun. You may be sitting at your computer face-palming or shaking your […]

artichoke and strawberries

The Produce Sold Along Highway One Was Berry Big

I got artichoked up about it


The Road to Success for Long Car Trips

The driving force of a good car journey.

computer website

Giving My Blog a Makeover

Without the lipstick or mascara.


Road Tripping Drove Me Crazy

In a good way

Just Like That, It’s All Water Under the Bridge

So long for now, Iceland

The Best Place to Have a Cool Adventure is Iceland

Traveling solo and keeping it chill