Johanna Flashman writer


I’m Johanna.

I’m a freelance journalist, copywriter, and SEO strategist with a passion for connection, advocacy, and outdoor adventure. I started freelancing in early 2019. When I’m not writing or reading, I spend my time hiking, rock climbing, surfing, swing dancing, and learning new things (most recently, that’s been watercolor painting). Read more…

Some People I’ve Worked With

What I Do

I write reported pieces, product reviews, SEO blog posts, white papers, case studies, and website copy about outdoor adventure, outdoor gear, travel, and the environment. If you need a writer who knows outdoor jargon AND understands how to write about it, get in touch!

I can also provide basic website design and SEO, so if you’re looking for someone who’s a jack of all trades for your online strategy, you’re in the right place.

What You Can Expect From Me

  • Writing that delivers — I have a proven track record writing stories that bring in affiliate revenue and gain leads.
  • A good attitude — When I work with clients, I leave my ego at the door. I’m here to make what YOU want happen and take the load off your back.
  • New ideas — Whether it’s taking an old idea and adding a new spin or starting from scratch, I love to get creative and give every project that extra oomph.

Sound like a good fit?

The Freelance Outdoorswoman

I’m also the very proud founder of this website – The Freelance Outdoorswoman (TFO)!

TFO is a growing archive where I interview other freelancers who have been rocking it for at least three to five years. I ask them about how they got started, how they make it work now, and advice they have for other early-career freelance outdoorswomen.

These women are badasses and I am constantly starstruck that I get to talk to and be friends with them.

My Values

Values go both ways. You want your team to be passionate about your mission and wholeheartedly support your work.

At the same, I want to work with brands I want to be supporting. If I can’t get behind your values, I can’t feel good about growing your brand to the best of my abilities (and I want to feel good about that!).

So you know right away who you’re working with and what I’ll fight for, these are my core values:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • All genders and races deserve equal rights, equal treatment, and equal pay
  • Love is love
  • Diversity makes us stronger
  • Inclusion and accessibility in the outdoor space still requires action
  • Climate change is real and the environment needs protecting
  • People, positive change, mental health > money
  • No human is illegal

Want to discuss values, work, and/or your brand? Send me an email at and let’s continue the conversation.