adventure in chamonix

Embracing Uncertainty Can Lead to the Best Adventures

This past year has been the most heart wrenching and uncertain year of my life. It’s also been the most adventurous and blessed year of my life.

how to build a community traveling

How to Build Community in New Places as a Traveler

As someone who’s lived in 7 different places over the past 6 years, these are my 5 top tips on how to build community in new places.

Jo being dumb in an arch

Dumb Shit Travel Diary: Bringing the Wrong Passport

I swear, I’m going to write my book of dumb shit I do traveling one of these days… Until then, we’ll do little sneak peaks here and this one is PRIME.

waterfall in seattle hike

Fall’n in Love with Autumn in Seattle

Early this October, I took a trip up to Seattle to visit a friend and it was definitely a tree-t […]

mountain biking comfort zone

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Still Learn in the Outdoors

The panic zone is when you go so far out of your comfort zone to the point where it’s just PANIC. This is when your brain stops learning.

starry night in nevada camping prius

My (Very Long) Journey to Getting a Decent Night Sky Photo

I didn’t magically get a beautiful night sky photo on my first try. And to prove it, I wanted to share the progression of my attempts. 

running yosemite half marathon

The Road to Half Marathon: Bass Lake/Yosemite Half Marathon Done!

I’m WAY behind on this, but in early May 2021, I finally ran the Yosemite half marathon I’d been planning […]

small village vs city

Village Adventures: 6 Village Things that Would NEVER Happen in the City

As a city person, I’ve had multiple village adventures that aren’t exactly adventures, but feel totally foreign coming from the city.

johanna flashman winter hiker writer

Winter Hiking Tips: Snow Before You Go

If you get nothing else from this post, I hope you leave knowing you should probably learn more about snow safety.

walking in the moors selfie

Creating a Picture-Perfect Solo Adventure

Examples and tips for taking pictures of yourself on solo adventures.