running yosemite half marathon

The Road to Half Marathon: Bass Lake/Yosemite Half Marathon Done!

I’m WAY behind on this, but in early May 2021, I finally ran the Yosemite half marathon I’d been planning […]

running shoe

Finding A Good Pair Of Shoes And Running With It (Without Trying Them On In-Store)

Running with bad ankles and flat arches is a pain – literally. I was testing out a pair of running […]

small village vs city

Village Adventures: 6 Village Things that Would NEVER Happen in the City

As a city person, I’ve had multiple village adventures that aren’t exactly adventures, but feel totally foreign coming from the city.

johanna flashman winter hiker writer

Winter Hiking Tips: Snow Before You Go

If you get nothing else from this post, I hope you leave knowing you should probably learn more about snow safety.

walking in the moors selfie

Creating a Picture-Perfect Solo Adventure

Examples and tips for taking pictures of yourself on solo adventures.

christmas tree with a face mask

Spending the Holidays Outside

I’m dreaming of a warm Christmas…so we can spend more of it outside.

woman camping in a tent

Reduce Tent-sion: Go Camping in Northumberland

Back in September, I went on a weekend camping trip in Northumberland National Park and it was beautiful.

bike by the coast

A Fishy Bike Ride: Cycling for Fish and Chips by the Sea

Last week, I went on a solo weeknight bike adventure for fish and chips on the coast. It was an absolute dream, until it wasn’t.

running in fields

Don’t Get High While Running…Unless it’s a Runner’s High

I’ve been trying to keep up my running while here in the moors, but I almost always find reasons to […]

Keep Calm and Carry On Pt. 2 — Coronavirus Edition

Once again, I did the 10 and a half hour flight to England, but this time during a pandemic