how to build a community traveling

How to Build Community in New Places as a Traveler

As someone who’s lived in 7 different places over the past 6 years, these are my 5 top tips on how to build community in new places.

Jo being dumb in an arch

Dumb Shit Travel Diary: Bringing the Wrong Passport

I swear, I’m going to write my book of dumb shit I do traveling one of these days… Until then, we’ll do little sneak peaks here and this one is PRIME.

small village vs city

Village Adventures: 6 Village Things that Would NEVER Happen in the City

As a city person, I’ve had multiple village adventures that aren’t exactly adventures, but feel totally foreign coming from the city.

walking in the moors selfie

Creating a Picture-Perfect Solo Adventure

Examples and tips for taking pictures of yourself on solo adventures.

woman camping in a tent

Reduce Tent-sion: Go Camping in Northumberland

Back in September, I went on a weekend camping trip in Northumberland National Park and it was beautiful.

bike by the coast

A Fishy Bike Ride: Cycling for Fish and Chips by the Sea

Last week, I went on a solo weeknight bike adventure for fish and chips on the coast. It was an absolute dream, until it wasn’t.


It Takes a Village: 3 Months In the North York Moors

I bought a cabbage for £1.20 from Lealholm’s village shop and it went on my tab. Along with other discoveries about living in the Yorkshire Moors.

running in sheffield

A Sprained Ankle Added a Twist to My Travel Plans

For the start of 2020 I went to England for a month. I got there on the 29th of December […]

Walking in Graves park

Buried in Love for Graves Park

Aside from being the ideal gateway to the Peak District, Sheffield has some astounding inter-city parks that make everyday living that much better.