Buried in Love for Graves Park

Walking in Graves park

Buried in Love for Graves Park

I’ve spent the past month living in Sheffield, England and I have only good things to say. Sheffield might not be your classic tourist city with any big attraction like the Empire State Building, Big Ben, or Eiffel Tower, but it does have one huge draw: the outdoors.

Aside from being the ideal gateway to the Peak District, Sheffield has some astounding inter-city parks that make everyday living that much better. I can’t speak about all of the parks in Sheffield (there is still more exploring to be done!), but if you’re in the area, Graves Park is worth a walk.

According to all-knowing Wikipedia, John George Graves developed the park between 1926 and 1936 to protect the thousand year old woodland from building development. The park is 91.9 hectares (227 acres) of woodland, sports fields, playgrounds, a cafe, pond, and animal farm. The wooded areas have paved and unpaved trails throughout which are great for beginning trail runs or dog walks. The sports fields include bowling, cricket, football (soccer), tennis, and a 9-hole pitch and putt. There’s also a weekly five kilometer timed run every Saturday morning that Parkrun puts on for free.

While Graves Park might not be somewhere I would necessarily travel great lengths to see, it’s a gem for locals and tourists looking for an accessible bit of outdoors.

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