Jo being dumb in an arch

Dumb Shit Travel Diary: Bringing the Wrong Passport

I swear, I’m going to write my book of dumb shit I do traveling one of these days… Until then, we’ll do little sneak peaks here and this one is PRIME.

bike by the coast

A Fishy Bike Ride: Cycling for Fish and Chips by the Sea

Last week, I went on a solo weeknight bike adventure for fish and chips on the coast. It was an absolute dream, until it wasn’t.

Keep Calm and Carry On Pt. 2 — Coronavirus Edition

Once again, I did the 10 and a half hour flight to England, but this time during a pandemic

Walking in Graves park

Buried in Love for Graves Park

Aside from being the ideal gateway to the Peak District, Sheffield has some astounding inter-city parks that make everyday living that much better.


Take a Page Out of My Book and Go to the Library

Libraries are one of my favorite places to visit when I’m traveling or in search of somewhere to work.

Just Like That, It’s All Water Under the Bridge

So long for now, Iceland

The Best Place to Have a Cool Adventure is Iceland

Traveling solo and keeping it chill

Letting Weather Rule the Day

It’s hard to beat reigning wind

The Flight From the UK to Iceland Wasn’t That Long

After all, Ireland is only one “C” away from Iceland Okay so I know I didn’t fly out of Ireland […]


Saw a Lot of Ducks and It Quacked Me Up

Okay but actually, on my walk back from successfully turning in an essay these ducks surrounded me it was really […]