walking in the moors selfie

Creating a Picture-Perfect Solo Adventure

Examples and tips for taking pictures of yourself on solo adventures.

bike by the coast

A Fishy Bike Ride: Cycling for Fish and Chips by the Sea

Last week, I went on a solo weeknight bike adventure for fish and chips on the coast. It was an absolute dream, until it wasn’t.

cow in the trail

The Trail to Running a Half Marathon: 10 Miles on the Nimitz Way Trail

This weekend, I ran my longest run yet — 10.7 miles on the Nimitz Way Trail. It was my second time running on this trail and it seems to go on forever.

Ronda bridge overlook

It Was Plane to See if I Had Just Read My Boarding Pass

This event was how my list of dumb shit I’ve done began in the first place. Good times… Or in this case, incredibly stressful and stupid times.

Jo in Briancon, France

Tripping All Over the World

Dumb shit I’ve done traveling. A full list of my favorite travel stories.

The Best Place to Have a Cool Adventure is Iceland

Traveling solo and keeping it chill

Letting Weather Rule the Day

It’s hard to beat reigning wind


Got to the Top of the Mountain and It Was All Down Hill from There

My first munro Okay so not everything has been down hill since, but the pun was too good and it […]