It Takes a Village: 3 Months In the North York Moors

I bought a cabbage for £1.20 from Lealholm’s village shop and it went on my tab. Along with other discoveries about living in the Yorkshire Moors.

Keep Calm and Carry On Pt. 2 — Coronavirus Edition

Once again, I did the 10 and a half hour flight to England, but this time during a pandemic

The Road to a Half Marathon: 6 Miles on the Seaview Trail

Let me start off by saying running is a privilege. Ahmaud Arbery was killed for simply going for a run […]

cow in the trail

The Trail to Running a Half Marathon: 10 Miles on the Nimitz Way Trail

This weekend, I ran my longest run yet — 10.7 miles on the Nimitz Way Trail. It was my second time running on this trail and it seems to go on forever.


Communities Making Shelter In Place Bear-able

If the bear hunts are for kids then call me a kid because I love it.


Everyone’s Going Stir Crazy

8 Fun Things People Are Doing to Stay Sane


Tree Giant Sequoias To See In Yosemite

Yosemite has so many incredible aspects it’s hard to choose just a few things to see. I would highly recommend seeing the giant Sequoias in Mariposa Grove.

running in sheffield

A Sprained Ankle Added a Twist to My Travel Plans

For the start of 2020 I went to England for a month. I got there on the 29th of December […]

Walking in Graves park

Buried in Love for Graves Park

Aside from being the ideal gateway to the Peak District, Sheffield has some astounding inter-city parks that make everyday living that much better.


Keep Calm and Carry On — What I Wish I Had on this Eleven Hour Flight

This is the third movie I’ve watched, and I still have another seven hours to go. These are the things I wish I’d brought in my carry on.