Letting Weather Rule the Day

It’s hard to beat reigning wind

The Flight From the UK to Iceland Wasn’t That Long

After all, Ireland is only one “C” away from Iceland Okay so I know I didn’t fly out of Ireland […]

It’s Hard to Bear All the Wildlife in Alaska

…And it’s all very amoosing The picture I have here are leaves from a lupine flower. Someone told me that […]

The Time Is Really Flying

And I didn’t even throw my watch out the window It seems like I could have just arrived in Scotland […]


Saw a Lot of Ducks and It Quacked Me Up

Okay but actually, on my walk back from successfully turning in an essay these ducks surrounded me it was really […]


Went to the Hall's Dance

It was a ball This past weekend University Hall had its ball and if you hadn’t already guessed, it was […]


To Edinburgh for the Royal Treatment

And found the punniest shop there Too many fun puns to choose from! Fun fact, the Scottish flower is a […]


Got to the Top of the Mountain and It Was All Down Hill from There

My first munro Okay so not everything has been down hill since, but the pun was too good and it […]


People Think I'm a Tourist Stoping to Take Pictures

Really I just lose focus Stopping in the middle of the pavement (sidewalk) to take pictures of trees or sunsets […]


All the Walkers Decided to Lay Down and Be Couch Potatoes

Pun explained below… The featured image is of Sally’s hall because wow beautiful stuff man but the most important thing […]