I Couldn’t Figure Out the Answer to Post-Travel Tiredness, So I Slept on It.

I Couldn’t Figure Out the Answer to Post-Travel Tiredness, So I Slept on It.

I’m currently fighting the urge to lay in bed all day and binge watch the second season of Outlander. Maybe that’s just what two weeks of working with children nonstop will do to you, but I’ve noticed it almost always happens after any traveling (okay, camp isn’t exactly traveling but it’s still living out of a suitcase). Then when it’s time to get cracking on “real life” work, I’m ready for a nap or a snack.

After the amount of traveling I’ve done, you’d think I’d have it somewhat figured out, but here we are, considering eating ice cream for the second time today. So, let’s embark on this success brainstorm journey together and maybe get back to being productive members of society.

1. Actually Take Time to Rest

If you can, give yourself some time to relax and watch Netflix or read a book. In case you need a binge worthy show, I’m obsessing over Outlander at the moment. Don’t stay up doing that though — go to sleep early. Sometimes it’s necessary to sleep for 12 hours straight and watching Netflix does not count as sleep (believe me, I’ve tried). Plus, going to sleep early will get you waking up early and being productive. If all else fails, don’t under estimate the power of a quick nap (again, Netflix does not count as sleep, sorry).

2. Clean Your Space

I, personally, work better when my living space is clean. Unpack, do the laundry, change the bed sheets, sort through mail or whatever clutter that’s taken over your dining room table. Once my suitcase is no longer standing in the middle of my room unopened, I’m much more likely put on big kid clothes instead of PJs. The world just feels less daunting when there aren’t any dirty dishes in the sink. I don’t know why, but it’s true.

3. Get Some Exercise

Studies have shown time and again how getting your blood flowing can give you more energy and motivation. And did you really do those runs you said you would on your trip? I know I didn’t. A short run, some yoga, or anything to get your heart pumping might be just what you need. Your body might feel like 600 pounds, but have you tried lifting some extra weights or maybe doing some pull ups? Get outside and go for a run or a fast walk. Whatever get’s your heart going.

4. Drink Water

I’ve spent the last two weeks telling campers that tiredness is a symptom of dehydration, and it’s true. I think we all under estimate the power of water. Especially after a long trip. I mean, you might have been carrying your Camelbak everywhere while being a tourist, but that goes out the window when you get back home. Honestly, can you even remember the last time you had a drink of water?

5. Get Back to a Routine

This one might be the biggest deal breaker. Routines are huge. I know it’s easy to scoff at a “boring routine” but research shows how not having to make all those little routine choices can save a lot of cognitive energy. Not to mention if you have a routine to go into the office and work for eight hours or your daily plan is already scheduled, it’s no surprise you’ll get more done.

While traveling or on vacation, it’s great to be a free spirit. You don’t need to set a schedule or get anything done. Be as unproductive and lazy as you possibly can! But as soon as you get back into deadlines, the daily grind is actually your new best friend.

Have any other life-saving techniques for post-travel fatigue? Write them in the comments! I know I could use all the help I can get.

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