Everyone’s Going Stir Crazy

Everyone’s Going Stir Crazy

So times are scary right now. Unless you’ve been under a really big rock, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Most people are cooped up at home and doing the best we can to slow down the virus. This is super important and not to be taken lightly.


Amidst terrifying numbers and this overwhelming grief and anxiety, finding a bit of joy, humor, or escape where we can is also important. Discovering creative and silly ways that people have been coping with lock down has been my way of enjoying this internet community. I hope they can lift your spirits too.

(I know this doesn’t have much to do with travel, but we’re not traveling right now, so I’m doing this instead. If you want to check out more travel-non-travel ideas, I mention this in my post about Yosemite.)

8 Fun Things People Are Doing to Stay Sane During Lock Down

1. Climbing Mountains… On Your Stairs

This one might be my favorite. This guy on Facebook roughly estimated the amount of stairs you’d have to climb to get to the top of popular mountains in the UK. He also recommends dressing up in your full mountaineering garb (rain jacket, rain pants, backpack, gloves, hiking poles, etc.) and “splashing a bottle of water in your face for weather simulation.”

2. Generally Climbing Around the House

The rock/ice climbers have also showed up with some uplifting “indoors” time. This article from Rock and Ice has a great roundup of climbers getting stir-crazy and being ridiculous. Expect kitchen cabinet ascents, house traverses, and bathroom chimney squeezes.

3. Swimming

Unless you have you’re own pool, no actual swimming. But check out this guy swimming in his house.

4. Home Haircuts

Hair salons are not essential services. However, hair does not stop growing. Besides, we’re all in our houses, so we can easily hide any cuts gone wrong, right? Well, that is until you share it on social media.

Roxie is not so convinced by this new look. (Photo Credit: Johanna Flashman)

Over here, I may have given our dog, Roxie, a bath and trim because she missed her grooming appointment… Results are questionable.

5. Making Dogs Talk on “the Socials”

This is primarily one pup named Pluto that went on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. This little bub’s mum has created these adorable videos of her dog talking and they have exploded in popularity. The videos are so wholesome and sweet, would recommend.

6. Fostering Dogs

Now that everyone’s home for longer periods of time, we have more time to take care of and love on our pets. Good news for dogs in shelters. So many people have started fostering or adopting pups, some shelters in New York have actually started running out. But who doesn’t want a furry, loving companion while they’re stuck at home alone? I support. Just be aware if you’re adopting, you’ll still have a dog that needs time, love, and attention even after everyone goes back to work.

7. Baking Bread

Stress baking is a thing and it’s in full force. There’s been cookies, churros, cakes, and so. much. bread. Try to find yeast at your local supermarket. You won’t find any. We didn’t. Because of this yeast shortage though, people have moved onto sourdough, which uses a starter instead of commercial yeast.

8. DIY Projects

From painting rooms to Marie Kondo-ing, people are doing every type of DIY and home improvement project. However, someone recently reminded me that some projects are more dangerous than others. We don’t want to create more work for our health care providers, so use safety equipment, be smart, don’t cut any fingers off, please?

Take about five inches off the bottom and this is what my bench will roughly (hopefully) look like. (Photo Credit: Johanna Flashman)

I’ve personally been working on turning a dresser I found on the side of the road into a storage bench. It has been thoroughly entertaining and distracting, but I’m also being careful to make sure I don’t add to Emergency Room numbers.

Have you noticed any trends or funny activities people have been doing? Add them in the comments!

Lead Photo Credit: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

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