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My Flying Carpet — Flying by Carpet Is a Rugged Experience

Yes, I did just make that absolutely terrible pun. You may be sitting at your computer face-palming or shaking your head, but let’s be honest — you kind of liked it. Behind the shame and disgust, there’s a little part of you that kind of laughed at my ridiculous play on words. If not, well, I’ll just go stand in a corner and enjoy my puns on my own.

Hi! I’m Johanna. I’m a freelance writer, traveler, and climber. I like learning new things and have more interests than I’d want to list off here (if you want to know more about me, check out my about page!). I LOVE puns though. Any play on words is an amazing game if you ask me. SO, if you’re a fan of puns, (mis)adventure, and travel then you are in the right place. (Ask your doctor if My Flying Carpet is right for you! Side effects include, but are not limited to: shame, laughter, wanderlust, and anger.)

I write this for fun. The idea is that each post’s title is a pun. I do write other, more serious things on other platforms and you can find that writing here. This blog however, it mostly for the love of puns and to write things without necessarily worrying about if anyone else is actually going to enjoy it. If you do, great! Let me know! Let’s talk! You can contact me here. If you don’t, well… I’ll probably still be here writing and sharing some thoughts and some puns.

Happy reading and happy adventuring!

artichoke and strawberries

The Produce Sold Along Highway One Was Berry Big

I got artichoked up about it.

If you’ve ever driven along the California coast anywhere between the Bay Area and Monterey, you’ve likely seen the fruit and vegetable stands scattered along the highway. “Sweet Cherries!” “Sour Cherries!” “Avocados 5 for $1!” Signs lining the road encouraging you to stop in for some cheap produce. If you’ve never stopped in at one, (I get it, it’s not your standard Trader Joe’s) you should.

These places have some of the best (and biggest) produce I’ve ever seen. This past weekend, I found artichokes the size of my head and strawberries almost as big as my fist. The best part about these stands is they are going to have local produce.

Given that California grows “over a third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the country’s fruits and nuts“, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that these stands sell the best. I won’t forego my next Trader Joe’s run, but if I’m already driving along Highway 1, I almost always stop at a stand for a car snack or veggies to cook for dinner.

In Season Produce

Of course, the majority of what the stands will be selling will be in season. However, if you want to be extra certain or if you’re on the hunt for the best produce at your local supermarket, check out what’s in season!

In Season Early May

In California, we’re lucky to have a lot of growing time. Especially in May. Some highlights include: apricots, blueberries, cherries, and artichokes.

For the whole list and to find out what’s in season any time of the year or any location in the US, check out this seasonal food guide.

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