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People Think I'm a Tourist Stoping to Take Pictures

Really I just lose focus

Stopping in the middle of the pavement (sidewalk) to take pictures of trees or sunsets I do get some weird looks.

Maybe I am acting like a tourist but it makes me think, why can’t I be a tourist where I live? Seems to me all tourists are doing are admiring the place and seeing it brand new and to me, that seems like a pretty great mindset. I don’t see why I shouldn’t appreciate where I’m living and really look around instead of taking it for granted. Before I came here, the idea of coming to Scotland was just kind of a dream idea – some sort of unknown Narnia filled with everything perfect, but then I’m actually here and a lot of people here seem to say that about California. It made me think about why we can’t appreciate the thought that maybe we are already in Narnia or Hogwarts; we just have to realize it. So yes, I am going to act like a tourist and take pictures and enjoy the fact that I’m here, suffering through torrential rains and then being able to appreciate the calms afterwards when this picture was taken.

Although there is always school work to be done and lectures and tutorials to get to, there should always be time to smell the roses, pet the dogs and cats, and appreciate a sunset.

The poem could have been better but also could have been verse.

The amount of time needed to write a decent tribute to halloween did not manage to show itself yet time moved on and there are new stories to tell. As Vonnegut would say, so it goes.
On a side note, the photo here is from the window coming out of my music lecture and every time I’m leaving the lecture it seems I want to photograph it all over again so this time I finally did.
Last night I went to my first poetry slam (just watching not reading) and it was beautiful. Being in a room full of people knowing they all appreciate the way words can somehow line up together to make something beautiful is on its own inspiring. Listening to others share their thoughts and words in forms that sound like how chocolate tastes is inspiration to a new level for me. I wanted to be up there, but I also was so delightfully happy to listen. I realized that I’ve had lines running through my head that needed to be written down for weeks if only I had the time and last night, after the end of the slam, after listening to a beautiful rant about vaginas that made me laugh, and think, and relate, I stood in the cold night air and wrote and I was happy. This was what came of it..

Your eyes look like starlight.
Don’t tell me I’m wrong. You tell me.
You tell me at two in the morning,
Lying in bed, struggling to remember your breath no one will love you for you. I do.
But maybe I’m no one to you.
Maybe I’m just a girl you pass on the street.
The person you meet
At a bar Friday night because you’d rather be there
Than alone with your thoughts where
sleep threatens nightmares.
So maybe I am no one, a stranger
But when the voices whisper
No one will love you
I’m here to say that’s not true
You make faeries come out to dance
And fire blaze bright in the night
Your smile could match that of a child
In Disneyland.
You are a miracle.
You can’t deny
That’s why
You’re parents named you that
And even when
The harsh words they send
Cut deeper than any knife to your skin
And the voices scream no one can love you
They’re wrong.
Because believe it or not I am not
No one
And I love you.

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