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I’ve discovered what makes my heart flutter in my work is making connections and elevating other people’s voices. It might be cliché, but it’s true. And nearly five years into my freelancing career, these types of projects are still the ones I adore. Like, I live for them.

I’ve traveled around the world from Namibia to Iceland. Lived in Scotland and England, each for over a year. I’m just 27, but I’m often told I’m an old soul. I strive to continue living my life to the absolute fullest.

My Start in Building Connections Through Words

When I went off to Scotland for my freshman year of college, I started a blog: My Flying Carpet (Flying by carpet is a rugged experience). The goal was to keep friends and family back home updated without having to retell the same stories 15 times. Even though I was in a different country, 5,000 miles aways from everyone I loved, I found that way to stay connected.

In 2019, I started a monthly email newsletter called The Flash Update. I wanted to give close friends and family a direct update on what I was doing in this wild world of freelancing, where I was at the moment, and where I might be in the next month.

Both of these platforms have two things in common: 1) I’m connecting with those I care about. 2) I use an excessive amount of puns.

Now, here we are and I want to help you connect with your audience. If it happens to include some punny humor, I’m all for it.

When you connect with people instead of just selling them a product, you add a relationship that’s more than money. Sure, they could probably get the same or similar products and services from five other places, but they want to support YOU. Because of who you are, who you support, and how you communicate it.

That’s where I come in.

Let’s Be Friends!

On the note of building connections, here are a few non-work related facts about me:

  • I live in a van named Hailie.
  • I love all things outdoors, but especially climbing, trail running, surfing, camping, and cycling.
  • I taught juggling and unicycling at a kids summer camp for four years.
  • I can juggle fire.
  • I’ve completed 4,462 chess puzzles — challenge me to a game of chess online!
  • I lived in the UK for a total of ~three years and started to adapt my accent to be more British when I was there. Whenever I talk to someone with a British accent, it still comes back a little.

Want to talk about chess, pass some clubs, or go on a trail run? Hit me up!

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